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Gtk-Gnutella "disconnecting"

Good evening.

Gtk-Gnutella has become less than reliable recently. Version 
0.94-stable running on up to date Sid on DSL.

After anywhere from 5 minutes to 5 hours, with no pattern that I've 
been able to see except that all 3 "peers" remain connected but the 
network indicator in the lower left goes from a "conected" to 
"disconnected" red X. No uploads or downloads happen after that, of 
course, but all the while the peer sessions are alive and well.

If I push that button twice, to deliberately disconnect then 
reconnect, the peers are dropped and it has to find 3 new ones, but 
the red X goes away and the software says it's "connected".

...for a while. It even does some batched downloading. I'll come back 
after a while, and sure enough it's alive and well and "disconnected" 

Any ideas?


September 11th, 2001
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