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Re: Debian Display on Virtual PC 2004

> I recently installed the testing Debian (Sarge) on
> Microsoft Virtual
> PC 2004. I am new to linux and am still poking
> around.

I think that Microsoft is the key word here. Lol. Ok,
all joking aside. This is a new product for Microsoft
and they are probably still ironing out the bugs in
it. I am not sure if it will ever be as good as
Personally when it comes to virtual computing I am
going to stick with VMware.

> I installed a base system and I installed
> x-window-system and gnome by
> using the 'apt-get install ...'. When I startx, they
> display is VERY
> wide and unviewable. I think it may have something
> to do with the
> settings that i used when setting up x. 

You can try running:

dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xfree86 

and check your video card and resolution settings. You
might want to try some generic, conservative settings
and see what happens.

-SySmin Sys73m47ic
Development Team {Fu-King Linux}

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