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Re: WiFi 802.11g Which One?

On Tue, 31 Aug 2004, Roger Creasy wrote:

> I have struggled for 2 months to get ndiswrapper to work on my box. I am throwing up the white flag. Can anyone suggest an 802.11g card that has a linux driver?

ndiswrapper is a pain ... sometimes it works .. sometimes it doesnt
	"works" == it can ping/ssh the outside wired world

> Alternately, I have a dLink DWL-G510. Does anyone know of a driver?

what is the chipset ?? ( run lspci )
	- all manufacturers tend to change chipset on the
	same model they are selling  ( sometiems they put in little
	hints things like version 1, version 2, sometimes and usually not)

for list of supported hw ... see what hw is at your local
pc store or your buddy's working wireless linux pc or your fav online


	-- look at the hw list of that driver

i use netgear wg311 (unmarked) for 802.11g .. w/ madwifi cards
	newer wg311 (v2 on the box only) uses the (worthless) ti chipset 

c ya

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