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Re: Which wiki?

On Monday 30 August 2004 08:15 pm, Paul Johnson wrote:

> Raquel Rice <raquel@thericehouse.net> writes:

>> I use, and like, TWiki.  It's available as a Debian package.

> Sort of oriented towards the business environment, no?

Not particularly.  I host http://subwiki.honeypot.net/ with TWiki and 
absolutely love it, since I'm able to "partition" off parts of it into topics 
of specific interest.  I routinely make a new "web" for friends to use as a 
part of their own personal projects.  That way, their topics don't 
contaminate the rest of the site; in effect, they have their own unique 
namespace to work in.

I've been using TWiki for years and I love it.
Kirk Strauser

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