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Re: PowerEdge 700 SATA anyone?

I have a Dell PowerEdge 600SC which is SATA. I got it at the beginning
of the year. I run Sarge on it no problems w/ the 2.6.7 kernel.

It comes with some crap on the drive. I did a fresh install, wiping the
drive clean in the process and I've had no problems. I just installed
Sarge on another system and the rc installer is great (netinst cd
image). Enter "expert" at the boot prompt in the install and you'll be
able to install the 2.6.7 kernel right from the start.

Sarge is a good choice, too, since it should become stable relatively

So, I don't know about stable, but if you want to run Sarge you should
not have problems.


--- Didde Brockman <didde.brockman@starring.se> wrote:

> Hey!
> I personally have never setup a machine with SATA using Debian. It's 
> always been SCSI, and nothing else  :)  However, the Dell PE 700 SATA
> seems like a nice deal at the moment, so my employer is considering 
> buying one, but first, she wants me to verify that we indeed can "run
> Debian on it" (her words).
> So, is there anyone out there who has any kind of experience with
> this 
> hardware? In general, how's Linux doing with SATA support? Can we run
> stable on it, or do we have to go unstable? I'm lost when it comes to
> non-SCSI-stuff...
> Appreciate any pointers and sharing of experiences on this matter!
> Thanks people!
> //didde.
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