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Re: howto chat behind a proxy

> I want to use the irc.debian.org fro direct chating. I
> use xcaht to do this,
> unfortunatly I am behind a proxy, and don't have a
> direct access.
> I tied to configure the xchat by adding addresse of
> our proxy and the port ( http port is 8080 ). But i
> couldn't access to the irc server.

One thing that will keep an IRC connection from being established is if 
your proxy silently drops AUTH/identd requests on 113/TCP.  The proxy 
doesn't have to run an identd daemon, but it does have to at least 
reject incoming AUTH requests with a TCP reset, instead of just dropping 
them.  The IRC server will send these requests and wait for them forever 
if it never gets a response.

I recently was finally able to connect to IRC servers by changing my 
firewall policy from DROP to REJECT for requests on 113/TCP.

If your proxy admins are agreeable to you using IRC, you could ask them 
about it.

Good luck,

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