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Re: openafs

Hi Ivan,

> all day long I am trying to install a client openafs 1.3.70 on my Debian 
> 3.0 with kernel 2.6.7. Is there somwhere a simple manual how to do that? 
> I downloaded the sources from

If I remember correctly, using openafs with the 2.6 kernel branch is
still a problem. If you take a look at (if you have installed
in section A. 1. there is no AFS sys_name for the 2.6 series, which
may be an indication that it is not working. Unfortunately the Linux
AFS FAQ at http://www.umlug.umd.edu/linuxafs/ is not online.

Using Kernels from 2.4.22 up to 2.4.27 I never had problems (woody and
sarge). I built my modules from the Debian source package using make-kpkg 
(a great tool).

 1. apt-get install openafs-modules-source kpkg
 2. cd /usr/src ; tar xzf /usr/src/openafs.tar.gz 
 3. cd /usr/src/linux
 4. make-kpkg modules_image
 5. install Debianpackage in /usr/src

Worked fine for me.

Thomas Freitag

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