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Re: anonymous proxy

I think there may be a point of confusion here...

Are you looking for a packaged proxy server to run on a Linux system?
I think - and I'm hardly the one to ask - that you can use "squid"
for this, and I've seen reference to several other implementations.
In fact, it's not that difficult to configure one yourself; there's
some Perl code out there somewhere.

What *I* was looking for, and have (probably inappropriately) been
referring to as an "anonymous proxy server", is a utility which
remaps IP requests, typically only from a browser, to an *external*
proxy server somewhere (usually selecting from a list of same, as
available).  That's what the Windoze utilities ("multiproxy", etc.)
to which I was referring, will do, and that's what *I* was looking
for, and can't find.  Actually, the list of proxy servers can contain
both anonymous and transparent servers.

To further complicate matters, "anonymous proxy server" commonly also
means a server running somewhere on the net which forwards HTTP
requests without forwarding the originator's IP address (the
etc. etc. - some servers just forward everything, some forward some
things and not others, and some only forward the IP address of the proxy
server and the ID of the requestor's browser.

There's a terminology "Issue" here; if anyone knows the correct
designations, it would probably clear up any confusion, some of which
I've probably created...  I guess I just assumed everyone else here knew
all of this, since I hardly keep up with net infrastructure.

(Sorry for the flurry of postings, btw - while I wasn't watching my
the servers "unlocked" and I found 1300 list messages waiting...)

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