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Re: anonymous proxy

On Sun, 22 Aug 2004 23:36:45 +0200, "messmate" <messmate@free.fr> said:
> Hi,
> is there an anonymous proxy server available by debian ?
> If not where else for linux ?

Oops!!  Look out!!!  You've asked Der Verboten Question!!  You vill be
SHOTT!!  You are obviously a spammer and etc. etc. blah blah...
(bore... yawn...

(I asked the same question on here a couple of weeks back and promptly
got dumped all over by what appeared to be a contingent of arrogant
no-life nerds and other monocellular life forms who it turned out didn't
even undersatand what I was asking for...  I think the word "anonymous"
caused various portions of their anatomies to shrivel, or something...)

I haven't been able to find one.  I haven't trolled *all* the way to the
bottom of *every* *single* Google search I've done, but thus far, no
to "winproxy" or "multiproxy" or etc. has turned up  It's a little
surprising, actually.
(Am I desperate enough to code one up myself?) (Am I *competent* enough
to code one up myself?) (Etc.??)

I'm wondering, actually, if the guy who wrote "multiproxy" would release
the code...  all he does is play chess, any more, so maybe he wouldn't
The IP translation could probably be hacked into Linux-submission using
sockets...  the engine would probably map OK...  but, the GUI is
another story... <=- desperation starts to set in)

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