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Re: LDAP and sudo playing nicely

Stephen Touset wrote / skrev:

Is there any way in Debian to get Sudo to check an LDAP server rather
than the /etc/sudoers file? I've checked Google, but nothing indicates
towards Debian having this support. I've also tried some obvious
guesses, like putting a sudoers line in /etc/nsswitch.conf, all to no

Can this be done?

Before I forget, this is on Sarge.

The current version 1.6.8 of sudo supports it, but the version in testing and unstable is currently 1.6.7p5.

From http://www.courtesan.com/sudo/current.html

"Major changes from version 1.6.7p5 to 1.6.8:

* Sudo now supports storing sudoers info in LDAP (optionally using TLS)."


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