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Re: chkrootkit output

On Friday 20 August 2004 20:20, Kjetil Kjernsmo wrote:

> On fredag 20. august 2004, 09:32, Adam Funk wrote:
>> /usr/lib/blender/.bfont.ttf
>> Why are these files flagged as suspicious,
> They all begin with a period, so they don't show with ls
> (you need ls -a) to see them. dot-something are frequently used to
> store config information in user's home directories, but have little
> use beyond that, AFAIK. But since they are slightly hidden, I would
> guess it is the only reason why they are flagged.

So chkrootkit lists all dotted files in certain directories?

>> and should they concern me?
> Can't give an authoritative answer to that, but usually, no. However,
> you might just have a look and them and see if they look suspicious...

I'll take a look.


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