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Re: OT: Which tool, and how, to get partial string from file?

Miquel van Smoorenburg wrote:

In article <[🔎] 41265EB6.2050202@acu.edu>,
Kent West  <westk@acu.edu> wrote:
A programmer would know this . . , but not me  ;-)

I'm using a script to build a file by concatenating portions of two other files. Then end result needs to be checked to make sure a certain word shows up in a line.

I know that "grep programm <this email message>" would return the line:

A programmer would know this . . , but not me  ;-)

but what I want returned is just the word "programmer".

sed -ne 's/^.*\(word_here\).*$/\1/p' < file

BTW, why not simply

	if grep -q word file
		# word was present in file

Or "if ! grep -q word file" if you want to do something if word
wasn't present in file.

summer@Dolphin:~$ grep -o wor.* /var/cache/debconf/templates.dat | tr ' ' '\n' |grep wor.* | sort -u | head



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