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Bridge Freeze


	I trying to set up a bridge, to work like a hub or switch, for
	my internal network.

	But when im trying initialise, i dont know why, its freezes.

	I tryed to initialise it with:

	/etc/init.d/networking restart
	ifup -a

	All these froze, so, i tryed to do it from hand, and executed:

	brclt addbr br0 , and it froze too.

	The enter for the bridge on my /etc/network/interfaces is it:

	auto br0
	iface br0 inet static
		bridge_ports eth0 eth1

	The scenary is:

		Two ethernet interfaces: a 3com 3c509 ISA and a Realtek
		8129 PCI
		The 2.4.27-rc4 kernel compiled by me with support for
		the bridge.
		and Debian GNU/Linux stable

	I dont have no idea how to fix it or make work, if someone
	knows, please, tell me! Thanks very much for the attention!

						Leonardo Marques

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