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[OT] sysadmin job in SF Bay Area

Hey everyone,

I apologize for this OT message, but this may be of interest to many
readers of this list.  My company (http://www.wavemarket.com/) is
looking to hire a sysadmin in Emeryville, CA (SF Bay Area).  I've
recently been advocating a migration from old redhat to Debian, and
hiring a similarly-minded sys admin would go a long way in the right
direction.  You can see the posting here:


Please respond to the ads above (not this mail), using the address(es)
mentioned therein.  Feel free to also drop me a note on my personal
email address, so I can move those deb-head resumes to the top of the

Again, I apologize to the many readers of this list to whom this message
is irrelevant.  I just hope to help out the Debian community, and I know
that this list counts among its readership many knowledgeable people who
could do the position well.

good times,
One nation, indivisible, with equality, liberty, and justice for all.

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