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Server freezes up

I'm running a samba, email, DNS and (now barely used) web server.  
It's Intel x86 based, and running Debian/stable (Woody). with 2.4.18.
No X (not even a mouse), no sound support, just a straight VT console 
and keyboard.

Every now and then the system freezes up.  No messages on the console
(I even had to disable the screen saver because it wouldn't even 
deactivate that), control-alt-delete doesn't work.  Only thing I can do 
is power-cycle it.

It's not coincident with any normal usage.  It happens at random times 
of day or night, maybe 1-2 times/week.  It might favor late night / 
early morning a bit (1-2 AM), but will certainly freeze at other times.
It's only used in the mornings as a samba server, so I know it doesn't 
just happen when someone is samba'ing.

The system has a 2 disk software RAID-1 (mirror) array on most of the 
partitions, but this has been happening since before then.  For a time, 
I thought it was the NIC board, so I bought a new one to no avail.

If someone can give me some tips as to how I can narrow down what the 
problem is, that'd be greatly appreciated.  



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