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Re: Need lilo help - won't boot Win2k

Peter Jay Salzman wrote:

Hi all,

I have a triple boot system with three drives:

  * /dev/hda - 80  GB PATA drive with Debian (root is /dev/hda5)
  * /dev/hde - 250 GB SATA drive with Win2k (root is /dev/hde1)
  * /dev/hdg - 200 GB SATA drive with Debian (root is /dev/hdg6)

lilo can boot my two Debian drives.  When I try to boot into Win2k, a
couple of extended ASCII characters (symbols like "yen" and "cents") get
printed, but nothing else happens.  Win2k doesn't boot.

Using fdisk, I've made sure that the 3 partitions on hde exist, hold the
files they're supposed to hold, and hde1 (which holds the actual MS OS)
is marked bootable.

The motherboard is an Abit NF7-S, and I'm using the sata_sil module, and
other than this, have had no problems with it.  SATA on Linux has been
great.  My BIOS is set to boot off of HDD-0.  There's an option to boot
off the SATA drives though.

As a last note, I tried Grub, and it didn't boot Win2k either.  When I
chose Win2k from the Grub menu, I was dumped into the Grub bash-like
console and didn't go any further (I'm reasonably experienced with lilo,
but a Grub newbie).

My lilo.conf follows, everything looks fine with it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

What was the drive configuration when you _installed_ w2k?



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