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Re: Installing nVidia GeForce4 Ti4200 drivers

Richard Cavell wrote:

I wish to extract my kernel source into /usr/src. I downloaded it as a bz2 file. Only root can write into this file. My 'GNOME Desktop Manager' does not allow me to log in as root.

Now in KDE my Ark program will allow me to extract, but I can't write into /usr/src. I can cheat by, say, extracting somewhere else then using root to move it in, but how would I do this properly?

You can use the `su <name>` command; It'll let you log in as another user in your console. If you leave out the name, it'll choose to let you login as root (so `su` is the same as `su root`)

You can also do the extracting and compiling without root powers, if you are in the src group; You can add yourself to the 'src' group (`su -c "adduser <name> src"`) - if you're in the X, login out of the X and log in again (otherwise you're groups aren't yet updated) - I don't know what's needed when you are on a virtual console, but login out there should help too



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