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Re: raid Re: Whats with this new Debian installer?

hi ya john

On Mon, 9 Aug 2004, John Summerfield wrote:

> Paul wants / and /boot on mdo and/or md0. I can do it, but the installer 
> can't. Paul wants to be able to take either one drive out and boot. Always.

if one can't boot off of either disk, its NOT raid ... and cannot claim
to be raid ...  one must be able to boot even if a disk is dead and also
keep running on 1-leg even if the other disk has long since died

ez enuff to fix ...

	- the installer needs to make sure the disk is partitioned as "FD"
	- the installer needs to have the right /etc/lilo.conf or

	- assigning the various partitions to each /dev/mdxx should
	be be done as a sanity check  and that grub/lilo installed

c ya

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