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Re: Whats with this new Debian installer?

Patrick Donker wrote:
matt zagrabelny wrote:

On Sun, 2004-08-08 at 15:05, Patrick Donker wrote:

I hear alot of fuzz about 'the new installer'...
Whats so special about it?

quoting joey hess:

The Debian-Installer team announces the first release candidate of the
Debian sarge installer. Significant improvements in this release of the
installer include:

- Support for the s390 architecture, completing the full set of 11 released Debian architectures.


Ok, allot of extra stuff, but nothing 'new' as in features, extra functionality or graphics...right?

The installer is being improved (in design and in easiness as I read on this list, I don't have a spare partition to try myself)

new features, etc would be in new (sarge) packages that'll be the next stable release and/or the new 2.6 kernel



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