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EXT3: Strange Disappearance

I have a box that has a vanilla Debian Woody install. I have two regular user
accounts, both in /home. One called jonathan and the other steven. Myself,
Jonathan was scp'ing some files to my workstation and noticed that my UID on the
Debian box was 1000. I thought this was odd, so I ssh'd into the Debian machine
and edited my /etc/passwd to reflect my UID on my workstation (500). Well, I
should have checked for steven's UID, which I am guessing was also 500. Oops.
/etc/passwd can make a nice pistol when attempting to coordinate UID's across
multiple machines. For some reason steven's home dir is plain gone. Very, very
odd. Any ideas as to what might have happened? Maybe how I could get those files
I checked /var/log/{syslog,messages} but found nothing.
I searched in these for "passwd" and "steven". Then, I just trolled through them
and found zilch. I'm stumped. I'm guessing that something in the init scripts
checks /etc/passwd for stuff like users that don't exist or something, but
deleteing home dirs, not ok in my book.

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