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Re: dealing with spam ~ advice needed

Steve Lamb wrote:

Steven Jones wrote:
At present our servers bounce with "no valid user" is this the best tactic?

   Depends on what you mean by "bounce".

or is it simply better to stop such bounce msgs? while polite, spammers are
taking the p*ss....

   If you mean your server gives a 5xx at SMTP time, that's fine.  If it is
accepting the message at SMTP time (2xx) and then generating a bounce it
attempts to deliver, that's bad.

Even at SMTP times there can be probs. I con't control my secondary MXes, and when I get mail from them it's too late to generate bounce msgs at the right person.
echo 'mail from: steve@example.com
rcpt to: bill@x.com

' | nc sue.demo.lan 25

If this tries to deliver directly to sue then it gets bounced, and the sender is informed. If it delivers to a relay for sue, it's accepted and then sue boounces it and steve@example com (if he exists) gets the bounce message.



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