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bug in libpam-mysql ?

I tried to use PAM authentication in ProFTPd with libpam-mysql. If I use
MD5-encrypted passwords in the MySQL-table, PAM-authentication (PAM: crypt=1
md5=y) always fails. If I change the passwords to MySQL-PASSWORD()-encryption,
authentication (PAM: crypt=2) succeeds, also succesful with
plaintext-passwords (PAM: crypt=0).

I'm using debian-sarge, libpam-mysql 0.5.0-6. The MD5-password-hash works with
the courier-authmysql daemon and the select-statement in the MySQL-log is
correct, so the problem probably lies somewhere inside libpam-mysql.

Did anybody have success with this kind of configuration? Is this some strange
bug in the md5-encryption part of libpam-mysql, or did I miss something?

Any help appreciated, it cost me 4 hours of my life so far...

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