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Re: Todays apt-get upgrade broke my subversion

* Lukas Ruf <ruf@rawip.org> [2004-08-04 18:34:11 +0200]:
> As I wrote: I run update/upgrade daily.  Therefore, subversion was not
> affected today.  It must rather deal with Berkeley DB or similar.

This is somewhat off-topic wrt your post, but I have found from personal
experience that 99.997% of my Subversion problems in the past had to do
with Berkeley DB.

If you've not tried it already, may I suggest using Subversion's FSFS
repository? It implements a Subversion filesystem using the OS
filesystem instead of Berkeley DB (hence the name).

It will be out in Subversion 1.1 which, AFAICT, is due at the end of the
month, but you can try it in 1.1rc1 which is out already (and 1.1.rc2
should be out within a week or so) -- and works great.

More info here:



N. Thomas
Etiamsi occiderit me, in ipso sperabo

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