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Re: How to Move from 1 drive to another? [Done!]


Thanks for all the tips.

Just want to report that I've successfully moved.

Here are my brief (and terse) notes:

See /usr/share/doc/HOWTO/en-txt/Hard-Disk-Upgrade.gz

Short version:

Assumptions: old disk is hda; mbr is installed hda; bios allows
switching which hard disk you want to boot

- put new drive in computer as slave; set jumper as slave; make sure
other disk is master (yes, after all that I didn't go CSEL)

- partition other drive (hdb) - cfdisk, make partition where /boot is,
bootable; format (eg. mkreiserfs); mkswap

- mount its partitions but remember mkdir mountpoint (eg. /new-disk),
mount it; and only now mkdir lower level directory (eg. /newdisk/home)
and mount it

- cp -a but leave out proc, sys and mountpoint eg.  cd / && echo cp -a
`/bin/ls -1Ab | egrep -v "^new-disk$|^proc$|^sys$"` new-disk | sh
NB. Don't forget sys like I did the first time; / got filled up pretty

- chroot /mnt su -

- edit etc/fstab - modify appropriately (NB. if going from ext3 to
ReiserFS remove readonly option (man fstab)

- edit etc/lilo.conf - modify appropriately but install hdb
  (basically, change hda to hdb); /sbin/lilo

- reboot; use bios to switch which hard disk you want to boot; this
  allows you to recover from anything you've done wrong; when you're
  happy reformat hda and use under hdb .

Of course, this is the edited version - there were a few detours but
this is how I did it in the end.

Everything but the sound works - there are no error messages as to why
not.  My Oggs and mp3s appear to play but there just isn't any sound.
I'm off to investigate that (my kids love their music).

Thanks again.

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