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Re: bad shutdown

In article <[🔎] 200408040259.34678.dmmcintyr@users.sourceforge.net>,
Silvan  <dmmcintyr@users.sourceforge.net> wrote:
>I think I have a CD-ROM going south.  I started the KDE CD ripper flummy, and 
>then immediately stopped it.  I wound up with a kaudiocreator process hung up 
>eating system CPU cycles and making my hard disk do unpleasant sounding 
>things filling the log up with "hdd lost interrupt" messages.  The system was 
>stable, but I didn't want to leave it doing that.
>So I closed everything out, logged off, waited a bit, and then rebooted.  The 
>last thing I saw before the reboot was a warning that /home was busy, and so 
>was not umounted.

Makes sense. You probably hit a hardware or kernel bug. As a result some
processes (kaudiocreator) got stuck in kernel mode and kept all
filesystems they were using busy. At that point there is no way
to umount those filesystems.

>I booted into unclean/check forced mode on home and / both.  Fortunately, 
>there were no serious problems.

I never see serious problems even after a hard reboot. Ofcourse, I
use journalling filesystems everywhere (ext3 or xfs).

>Sure, I was having weird kernel interrupt problems, but it seems poorly 
>conceived to me for the init scripts to take one shot at something as 
>important as umounting everything, and then just say OK, to hell with it, 
>let's reboot anyway.

Well, there's really nothing else to be done. What can be done?
Repair the hardware by magic and somehow re-initialize the kernel?
Rebooting is the safest way out. Note that the standard shutdown
sequence _does_ call sync() just before halt/reboot.

>I'm not sure what could have been done at that stage of the game, but I'm 
>miffed I didn't even get the chance to try.

Because there's nothing to be done at that stage. Be glad that the
system did reboot (imagine if it's in some remote location).

>Anyone have any suggestions what I should do about this to increase the odds 
>that this won't happen again.  (Other than getting rid of the CD ripper 
>flummy and trying to remember not to try to use the damn CD-ROM until I get 
>it replaced, I mean.)

If you're using ext2, switch to ext3 (make sure your kernel supports
ext3, then tune2fs -j /dev/hdaX for all your filesystems, change ext2
to ext3 in /etc/fstab, shutdown -rF now).

The question is, what is a "manamanap".
The question is, who cares ?

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