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RE: install reboots, optiplex gx1 - yup

On Tue, 3 Aug 2004, Steven Jones wrote:

> These cases wont take a "standard" AT or ATX motherboard, its a Dell special. 
> These cases wont take a "standard" AT or ATX PSU, its a Dell special.

yup.. like i said ... job security from people that keep buying those
"deal" .... it's NOT worth the time or $$ to go around debugging the
broken dell boxes ..
- i'd never use a dell box where it has the only copy of my data
	- gateways and compaqs are a close mili-second behind in
	the failure trail

	- and since these toys does not use "standard pc parts",
	you can not just swap in your fav brand from your fav store
	( even the intel cpu is slightly tweeked )

c ya

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