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Re: Security camera management software

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On Monday 02 August 2004 09:23, Brian Nelson wrote:
> A friend of mine recently asked me if any decent software exists for
> Linux for managing security cameras.  He intends to setup up 6 or 7
> cameras, and wants to be able to manage them from a MacOS X box.
> I've looked around and have found two promising projects: "motion"
> and "zoneminder".  Motion is currently packaged for Debian but
> zoneminder is not.  Has anyone tried either of these, and if so, can
> you share your experiences?  Or, are there any other projects out
> there I've overlooked?
> Unfortunately, I don't have any v4l devices right now, so I'm not
> really able to test out either of these myself.

I recently adopted 'motion' and version 3.1.14 hit unstable two days 
ago. You should try it out.
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