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Re: Strange apt-get error

I did have the experimental version installed. I was using the
experimental feed to run Gnome 2.6 before it reached unstable, and had
accidentally updated apt to experimental as well.

I finally ended up just downloading the apt package from my unstable
source, forcibly removing the 0.6.25 and then installing the 0.5.26
version from the package.

Thanks for all the help,
Chris M.

On Mon, 02 Aug 2004 03:01:02 -0400, Travis Crump <pretzalz@techhouse.org> wrote:
> John Summerfield wrote:
> > I would guess that the packages are unsigned (??) or failed their md5sum
> > check.
> >
> Or rather the Release file is unsigned.
> > I would do one of two things:
> > a. File a bug report on it. This is an excellent way of ensuring the
> > maintainer(s) know about it and is in line with Debian's policy of no
> > secrets
> >
> > b. Ask the maintainer what's going on.
> >
> > Chris Metcalf wrote:
> >
> >> I've been getting the strangest error from apt-get lately:
> >>
> >> apt-get version:
> >> -------
> >> root@fallenidol:/home/krezel# apt-get --version
> >> apt 0.6.25 for linux i386 compiled on Jun  9 2004 05:37:07
> So you installed the experimental version.  But experimental wasn't
> listed in your sources.list.  Presumably this was intentional and you
> know how this happened.  Do you have
> /var/lib/apt/lists/mirrors.kernel.org_debian_dists_unstable_Release.gpg
> and /var/lib/apt/lists/mirrors.kernel.org_debian_dists_unstable_Release
> files[or similar]?  Can you manually verify that the signature is valid?
> Does 'apt-key list' list the appropriate archive signing keys?
> Curiously, even though I have invalid Release.gpg/Release pairs[the
> md5sums listed in the Release files don't match the Packages file they
> are supposed to correspond to[because they are 6 months older than the
> actual Packages files, this happens because I don't bother to apt-get
> update in my chroot, I just copy the lists over from my main install,
> but my main install has apt 0.5.26 so it doesn't fetch new
> Release/Release.gpg files], apt-get(0.6.25) doesn't give me any
> authentication warnings and installs just proceed normally.  If I delete
> the Release.gpg files entirely, than I do start to get authentication
> warnings.

Chris Metcalf

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