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Re: Blopping

On July 30, 2004 13:45, Tim Raats wrote:
> Everytime I play a song in programs like Noatun, JuK, Amarok I hear a
> strange 'blopping' sound. With is the cause if this problem and how to
> solve it ?

I don't know exactly what you mean by blopping but about a month ago after an 
update (I'm using sid) Juk started sounding distorted, not really bad, but 
quite noticeable when compared to the same file played under xmms or gqmpeg.
Kaboodle also has the distortion (I don't use amarok or noatun).  These are 
all KDE apps so I assumed it was a problem with some kde library or arts.  If 
I set Juk to use gstreamer rather than arts I get no sound at all even though 
other programs using gstreamer work correctly.  I have found no solution 
other than using non-kde mp3 players -- I miss my Juk.

Just to let you know you are not alone with this problem.

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