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Random freezes & font size changes


I've been wondering what is wrong with my Debian box.

Symptom 1:

Few times a week the system freezes when using X, and the system doesn't
respond to anything. However, when I log on to the system remotely via ssh
from another machine, the freeze stops and the system works again.

It seems like using XMMS to play mp3 files causes freezing to occur more
likely (same login-fix works).

Symptom 2:

The font size changes randomly. Sometimes when I login to the system
(using either Gnome or KDE) the font size changes. It doesn't matter
whether I use KDE or Gnome - sometimes the login screen in kdm is using
very small, tiny fonts, and when I log on, all the fonts are so small I
barely can read them. When I decrease the font size it looks ok, but next
time when I log in, the font size can be ridiculously large (due to change
of font size). When I adjust (make smaller) font size again, it can be ok
for a while, but at some point the fonts are again very tiny. I really
wonder what is causing all this..

I'm using xfs-xtt as true type font server, and it is listed as the first
entry in XF86Config. Debian release I use is up-to-date testing, and both
the symptoms have troubled me for roughly half a year or so.

Oh yeah, the display driver is that produced by NVidia, and  updating it
hasn't affected the problem either. :(

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