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Re: bittorent on dialup

On 28. July 2004 at 6:13PM -0600,
"Monique Y. Mudama" <spam@bounceswoosh.org> wrote:

> On 2004-07-26, csj penned:


> > Does this mean the bittorrent upload rate equals the download rate?
> > This doesn't look good.  A look at my ppp stats shows that for the
> > 159MB I downloaded this day, I sent out 4MB.  This is while
> > downloading (ftp and http) two linux isos, a 27MB video clip
> > (mplayer), surfing (w3m text-mode), and sending out a few emails (no
> > attachments).
> Not necessarily.  I've had extremely imbalanced rates in both
> directions.  Also, many clients allow you to restrict your
> upload rate so that you don't saturate your connection.

Is bittornado one of those many clients?  'apt-cache search'
turns up only two Debian-packaged clients.  Also, would
restricting the upload rate limit the download rate?

> Without having delved into the bittorrent source or
> documentation to any real degree, I believe that the absolute
> rates you see are more a function of supply vs. demand.  It
> seems to me that your ability to contribute by simultaneously
> uploading a torrent only matters when there's more demand than
> supply -- in that case, those who are contributing the most get
> the best results.  It seems to me that, in cases where there is
> enough supply to go around, you won't get choked.  But I have
> no hard evidence to back this belief up, and maybe someone who
> knows the facts will correct me.
> If I get a large file through bittorrent, I generally leave the
> client open long enough to upload at least as much as I've
> leeched; it seems like the right thing to do.

I don't think it's right to suck up the bandwidth of the (dialup)
ISP's other users more than is necessary to download what I have
to download.

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