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smbauth problems with Windows 2003 Server

We have a script on our webmail that allows users to change their
email/nt passwords.  We used to be using NT 4/5 and just recently
upgraded our PDC to Windows server 2003.  Since then, smbauth doesn't
work.  When run on the command line with the correct password it
Could not connect to server: NT_STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED

With the wrong password:
Could not connect to server: NT_STATUS_LOGON_FAILURE

The command I'm using for smbauth is: smbauth -d our_domain -s
our_AD_box -u my_user

The weird thing is that is returns different things if the
incorrect/correct password is used.  Also, we use smbpasswd to change
the password.  That works to change the NT password, but you can use
both passwords (your new one and last one) for about 15 minutes until
the servers sync?

We are using the latest samba-client from debian unstable and
connecting to various NT 4/5 or Server 2003 boxes.  The NT 4/5
authentication still works just fine.

Thanks for any help.

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