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mbr RE: Requesting advice on s/w RAID-1 install

On Wed, 28 Jul 2004, Steven Jones wrote:

> Please explain how grub/lilo/mbr gets accessed when the first disk is not there?
> From experience most intel based bioses are not bright enough to go
searching for another disk if 0x80 is not present.

your bios already have the otion built in ..

boot form hdc, boot from hda, boot from cd, boot from floppy... boot from
network ... you pick ...

for raid ....  if you have configured it correctly ...
all the boot info is in the mbr of each disk hda and hdc if those
are the ones used for /dev/md0

for how all that works ... not many documents on that .. ( the boot
process going down to asm instruction sequence )

grub would be a bad choice for booting raid boxes since it likes to
read the disks before it decides what to do, and cant read the
disk go get its info since it cant talk to it yet

c ya

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