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Re: recent Canon printers and Linux

On Wed, Jul 28, 2004 at 10:48:50AM +0800, John Summerfield wrote:
> Has anyone had any success at all with Canon I-series printers and Linux?
> The requirement is not to print from Linux itself, but to
> a) Attach the (USB-only) printer
> b) Share it
> c) Use it from Windows and Macs.
> It's not the kind of Q&A I usually find at Linux Printing Dot Org.
> -- 
> Cheers
> John

I have a Canon i560 parallel-port printer hooked up to my Debian
unstable system.  Windows/Mac drivers came with the printer.  For
Linux, I had to use TurboPrint for the driver
(http://www.turboprint.de/english.html).  It's about US$35.00 if you
want full functionality, but works nicely.

I don't have any experience sharing it over a network.

Mark A. Garland
1016 NE 12th Avenue
Gainesville, Florida 32601

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