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Debian goes to sleep automatically?


I have a Debian Woody system running Apache. After about 10 minutes of 
inactivity it seems to suspend itself, so that it takes several seconds 
(sometimes up to 15) to respond to any network request (http, ssh, ping, 
etc.) It looks as if it turns off the harddrive or does other similar silly 
thing. This does not happen when I run this simple script from a neighboring 

c = 0
while (( c <= 1 ))
	wget -q -O - http://xx.xx.xx.xx/index.html
	sleep 60

to keep it 'awake'. In this case it responds immediately to any request.

I've checked BIOS settings, and all powersave features are disabled. Is it 
possible that Debian Woody has some sleep/suspend behavior set by default, or 
is it a motherboard issue? It can't be a DNS cache issue, because I'm using 
IP addresses, and both machines are on the same subnet.

There are no other services running, except for occasional cron that does not 
do much. The server has 512MB RAM and swap is never used.

Peter O.

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