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Re: Dependencies in Dir w/ Many .deb Files

Lourens replying to Kenneth Jacker <khj@be.cs.appstate.edu> wrote:

>  I have a slow Internet connection at home.  :-(
>  I can't yet use apt-zip since my home 'ppp' link still doesn't work
>  (non-"8 bit clean" issues) thus prohibiting me from updating the apt
>  database via the net.  :-(
>  So, in order to temporarily keep my home system current, I am doing
>  the following:
>    o  Updating my office system (both are running pretty much
>       the same configuration of 'sarge')
>    o Copying all the newly installed debs on the office machine from
>      /var/cache/apt/archive to removable media
>    o  Bringing that media home and copying the deb files to my home
>    hard drive
>    o  Finally, I run "dpkg -i *.deb" on those newly transferred file
>  The problem with this approach is "*.deb" orders alphabetically
>  instead of by dependency.  I must iteratively run the above command
>  placing needed debs before the final "*.deb" argument.  That takes
>  time (and patience)!
>  QUESTION: is there some option to 'dpkg' or another command/script
>  that
>            will generate the file names in an order such that the
>            dependencies are met?
>  Thanks for any ideas!

Apologies for the late post (I have been away for a while).

I use the approach described in section 2.2 of the APT Howto "How
to use APT Locally".
Simply copy all the files in /var/cache/apt/archives (office
machine) to, for example, /home/debs (home machine)
in /home -> touch override
in /home -> dpkg-scanpackages debs override | gzip > debs/Packages.gz
add to /etc/apt/sources.list 
  -> deb file:/home debs/
apt-get update
apt-get install foo



Lourens Steenkamp
Enjoying Debian GNU/Linux 3.0 r2


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