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Re: LVM over RAID

On Fri, 2004-07-23 at 13:37, Pete Clarke wrote:
> I am basically looking for the solution that provides the best balance
> between performance (speed is really an issue) and flexibility.

One point to make which others might point out as well is the risk of
going to raid0. if one disk dies, you will lose all your data. If you
are interested in read performance (a lot of reads with a few writes),
look into mirroring the drives as this will give you some redundancy as

With regards to whether you should use raid / lvm. This depends, if you
have a good hardware raid card, use that as it may have an onboard CPU.
Otherwise, just use software raid.

What I tend to do is use raidtools / mdadm to raid all the hdd's
together and then run lvm on top of that purely for space partitioning
so that it is easier to re-allocate space when necessary.

If you then add hard drives, raid them as necessary and join them to the
lvm volume.



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