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Fwd: Re: flash and mozilla (and firefox and epiphany)

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> On Tue, 20 Jul 2004 11:04:27 -0700, Paul Yeatman <pyeatman@ucsd.edu> wrote:
> > Hi again.  I'm responding to my own post.  It wasn't until today, weeks
> > after my original post, that I got more clues as to is going on
> > concerning flash causing Mozilla to freeze on my Debian Sarge system.
> > The problem appears to be with esd.  Esd (appears to be ) used by
> > default by gnome and is started--esd -nobeeps--when you log in.  This
> > works fine with everything: xmms, xine, etc.  The only case in which it
> > doesn't work is when the flash plugin is invoked from a web browser.
> > The animation will soon stop and the browser is toast.  I feel
> > fortunate today to discover that if esd is first killed before
> > going to a website running flash, the flash runs fine albeit without
> > sound.  If "auto_spawn=0" is changed to "1" in /etc/esound/esd.conf and
> > any esd processes are first killed, going to a flash website will
> > automatically start an esd process and flash will play normally (with
> > sound!) but then nothing else, such as xmms, will work until the flash
> > completes and the esd processes automatically completes (after 5
> > seconds in my case).  This kinda defeats the point of esd, doesn't it?
> > Can anyone help me out with what is going on here?  As all other
> > audio/video applications I run simultaneously use the inital esd
> > process started by gnome, why can't flash?  Should I force gnome to use
> > something other than esd?
> This is, actually, a known problem. Do dpk-reconfigure -plow
> mozilla-browser and you will get an option asking you to choose a
> wrapper for esd. It is explained there that the plugin locks /dev/dsp
> which causes esd to hang. So choose a wrapper here and the problem
> *should* be resolved.

Hmmmm.  Thanks for the suggestion.  I did as you said and changed
my initial selection "esddsp" to "auto".  Start esd, 'esd &'.
Start mozilla.  Go to a flash site;  Freezes.  I then set it back
to esddsp just to test it again.  Same thing.  I also tried
"artdsp" and flash runs and without killing my browser but no sound.
Same thing with "none" as would be expected.  So . . . not sure what to
say :)

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