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One more Q. on /dev/dsp

To get rid of the error(?) "/dev/dsp no 
such device" while starting gnome,do i
have to (a) recompile the kernel without
sound or (b) change one of gnome cinfig
files? If I have to change one of gnome
config file(s) which one(s)?

P.S.  Some time ago I ordered a debian
distro from the list on debian.org and
i had just as much trouble in getting
that to run as i'm having now. So, I decided
to fight this thru and get get something
running and then update to a current
release.In fact,something I thought I
never do I'm goint to update my modem 
connect to DSL.Just so I can get Debian from the net. Which will double my monthly bill.

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