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Re: LILO wierd ......

cep welly wrote:
Anybody rebooting last couple days ?
Last apt-upgrading, I'd got lilo upgraded ( with kernel too )... Start to debian again after driving NFS Underground on my dual winblows, LILO showed only two options to boot :
Linux and WinXP.
Was, I had LinuxOLD which refered to my previous ( fresh install ) debian.
Now, it's gone. I'd checked on lilo.conf and there's still LinuxOLD option there uncommented out. For now, it doesn't matter, but someday if I'm messing around with my debian I know I can't revert
to my fresh install to fix......

Run lilo (or lilo -v) as root, and see what it says. It should tell you if it's skipping that LinuxOLD for some reason.

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