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Re: Getting sound-juicer to rip Mp3?

debian-user@henrik.synth.no wrote:
Mark C <lists@funkypenguin.net> wrote:

I've just installed sound-juicer, and discovered that it cannot rip
Mp3's, after some googling, it would seem I need some form of gstreamer
plugin, I have all the available ones from unstable and still there is
no Mp3 support, I've even rebuild sound-juicer from the debian source,
but still no support.

1. fetch a gstreamer-lame RPM. I got mine from
   (Choose gstreamer-lame v0.6 for sound-juicer v0.5.10, or v0.8 for
   sound-juicer v0.5.12+. I used a PLD package.)
2. alien gstreamer-lame*.rpm
3. dpkg -i gstreamer-lame*.deb
4. gst-register-0.6 or gst-register-0.8
5. Enjoy!

Even better, I made a better .deb based on the alienated package. Ignore the above, and fetch gstreamer0.8-lame_0.8.2-2_i386.deb at http://henrik.synth.no/deb/

Allthough it works great here, be aware: It's my very first .deb.


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