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Re: Configuring the serial PCI I/O card 2port on Linux

On Mon, 12 Jul 2004 10:44:07 +0000, Vijaya S wrote:

> I inserted a PCI serial 2 port I/O card on a Suse machine.

This is a Debian mailing list (and/or newsgroup).  If you have a SuSE
problem, try a general Linux or SuSE specific newsgroup (and/or mailing

> How do i configure it to get it working

Look elsewhere for your serial port.  My 4-port board, under kernel
2.4.2x, was at /dev/ttyS4 ... ttyS7.  Under kernel 2.6.7 + udev, the
ports are now /dev/ttyS14, ttyS15, ttyS44, and ttyS45.

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