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Re: xfree86 4.4.0

On Sun, Jul 04, 2004 at 07:07:41AM -0700, jack kinnon wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm not familiar with those licencing stuff. Does it
> mean that future software fr xfree86 will no more be
> free?

Xfree86 is still free and you can download the source at

I am not sure exactly what the problem with the license is but the main
point of it is:

So the new license, unlike the old one, explicitly requires that the
copyright holders and its contributors, are to be acknowledged in the
end user documentation that accompanies redistribution, i.e. the binary
only redistributions. The original problem has now been solved.

Its probably a question of when distributing X with the installation
cd, that its somewhat hard to start acknowledging the authors of
contained programs, but not sure.

A FAQ about the license is at:

The new license require acknowledgment along with all others responsible
for the software (which in this case would be the distribution) also
when the code is distributed in binary form instead of a previous
ambiguity which could have been interpreted as software form only.

My guess is that distributions are waiting to see where things settle
with the new license and decide whether to continue with xfree86 or
move to X..org

Considering projects such as dri are moving to X.org I think that will
be the direction, but don't take my word for it ;-)

> I have tried to search apt-get.org but it doesn't seem
> to work. It can't find even Debian packages I am
> currently using.
> Looks like I have to stick with 4.3.0 for the moment.
> How do I set the DPI? Can't do it thro' XF86Config-4.
> Cheers
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