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Re: debootstrap umount bug - workarounds?

On 2004-07-03, Joey Hess <joeyh@debian.org> wrote:
> The umount "errors" are harmless warning messages (bug #253468).
> Whatever bug dannf ran into, it's not prevented debootstrap from working
> fine in general in the month since he filed it, and it's probably not
> whatever problem you're running into.

The problem is that the system I'm chrooting into doesn't have the
packages needed for finalizing a debootstrap system as described in
Chapter 3 of the Debian Installation Manual.

* dpkg-reconfigure console-data (console-data not installed)
* editor /etc/network/interfaces (no editors - none of vi,vim, or pico
* /usr/sbin/base-config (base-config not installed)

and so on.  

Just to be sure we're talking about the same bug, here's the end of the
debootstrap output and the error messages:

I: Installing core packages...
ln: `/mnt/hda6/./usr/bin/awk': File exists
umount: /mnt/hda6/./dev/pts: not mounted
umount: /mnt/hda6/./dev/shm: not found
umount: /mnt/hda6/./proc/bus/usb: not mounted

I'm running this from Knoppix.

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