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Re: Lost lilo.conf vga setting on 2.6 upgrade


Bill Moseley (<moseley@hank.org>) wrote:

> Under my 2.4 kernel I used
>    vga=0x317
> which was a nice small console font.
> Now with 2.6 vga=ask and then using "scan" I don't have that choice
> any more (screen is blank if I use vga=0x317).

Probably missing Framebuffer support. Did you use the bf24 Kernel
before? That one did come with compiled-in VESA framebuffer support.
Check the config of your 2.6 Kernel for this.

> The other interesting thing is in 2.6 my mouse moves *much* faster
> which drove me crazy at first -- but yesterday I booted in 2.4 again
> and that slow mouse drove me crazy! ;)

See the Kernel 2.6 input driver FAQ for details:

(Search for "My mouse moves too fast.")

best regards
        Andreas Janssen

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