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Re: Visual C++?????

On 2004-06-30, dking@pimpsoft.com penned:
> To be a professor and have tenure in a institution of higher learning
> one usually must have a Ph.D. or at least a masters unless the school
> in question sucks; That takes a min of around 8 years.
> So its a safe bet that the professor, even if he may or may not be
> incompetent, has at least 8 years of education more then his students
> and thus knows more even if the students don't get that yet; After all
> he had to pass the tests to get his degree somehow.

Yeah, like maybe the professor learned not to top-post in lists and
newsgroups .... 

ahem ...

To be a professor, one must have more years of education, yes.  That
doesn't make him smart (the opposite of idiot); it doesn't necessarily
mean that he knows more, either.  He's almost certainly learned some
stuff, but the term "ivory tower" exists for a reason.

I definitely think it is wrong-headed to require expensive and
proprietary tools for an intro CS class.

> On 30 Jun 2004 at 2:03, Sam Halliday wrote:
>> dking@pimpsoft.com wrote:
>> > Sam Halliday wrote:
>> > > William Ballard wrote:
>> > > > Oh and your professor is an idiot.
>> > > 
>> > > thats a very brave thing to say about a PROFESSOR
>> >
>> > Very brave indeed.. One would think someone with at least 8 years
>> > of higher learning more then you would know a thing or two more as
>> > well.
>> i don't get your meaning...
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