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Re: writing huge files on DVD

David Andel <andel@ifi.unizh.ch> wrote in message news:<22o3K-453-7@gated-at.bofh.it>...
> Hi
> I've made a strange observation:
> I can write files up to ~100M on DVD without problem (using k3b, which 
> in turn uses dvd+rw-tools).
> But everything >1G gets written corrupted and takes up only about 15M on 
> the DVD, even though k3b does not find any difference while validating 
> after the write! This is the case either way if I use + or -RW.
> Is this a basic feature of DVDs? Is there some size limit to files? Or 
> is here actually something wrong?
> Thanks,
> David

I have the same problem with k3b.
It starts fine, md5sum is ok. But after a while it fails.
I get a "write failed: Input/Output error" after 1Gb or 2Gb
And it happends with my Debian Sarge but also with a Mandrake10.0
I do not know what it is.
If someone knows about a possible solution I would like to hear it.

Has someone already succeeded to burn a DVD iso image (+/- 4 Gb) ???


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