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Re: can not compile kde, some xmkmf problem

Antonio Rodriguez wrote:

On Fri, Jun 25, 2004 at 04:48:24PM +1000, Rob Weir wrote:

Since XFree86 4.4.0 isn't in Debian, you must have installed it from
a tarball or something.  You'll need to point the KDE configure
script at the location you unpacked it to.  Or just install the
Debian packaged X headers.
The /usr/X11R6 install path is standard, so the configure must find the dir....
Um, you installed a binary tarball of X to /usr/X11R6?  That's a
*really* bad idea.  Nonetheless, Debian has the X headers packaged.  Or
get them from XFree86.

If nothing gets resolved about that 4.4 release in the future, I am
considering installing 4.4 in my system too, so, I would like to hear
recommendations about making it happen.

Red Hat and others are packaging their kit from x.org. I expect that will be better-supported, at least in the short term: there are quite a few Red Hatters around.



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