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Re: This is the thread about TechTables

hi, glenn ...
glenn wrote:
Hi dodol garut
Before I get my head into this - have you sorted it out yet?
If not, then check /etc/php4/apache/php.ini and make sure the line 


exists and is not commented out.
I'd already checked this up, and i do have the extension enabled.
Also make a php file has:
<? phpinfo() ?>
as its conents
and when you point to it with your browser, read and see that postgres
is enabled.

PostgreSQL Support               enabled   
PostgreSQL(libpq) Version     7.4.2    
Multibyte character support   enabled    
SSL support                            enabled    
Active Persistent Links            0    
Active Links                             0

additional info is : since the first time i try this techtables, the directory index file called "index.html" is loaded, but right
when i click the link "START" which is pointed to viewtickets.php....there goes the error message.


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