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Re: ftp with tls

Also try pureftpd I'm using this on a production server right now, and in TLS mode.


Alexandros Papadopoulos wrote:
On Wednesday 16 June 2004 00:08, Edwards, Thomas W. wrote:
Has anyone gotten this to work in setting it up using tls for proftp?
The module mod_tls is built into the core of proftpd, however the
example config doesn't seen to explain where the keys' come from?  Is
there another setup example of this anywhere besides the proftpd site
which I am missing?
Hi - I don't know the answer to your question, but since you got no 
other replies yet, I'd suggest looking in vsftpd, which I believe 
supports TLS out of the box.

# apt-cache show vsftpd




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